AbbeyST Capabilities: End to End technology services

Abbey Software Technologies Ltd. (AbbeyST), builds software systems that give maximum value for our customer businesses by providing integrated end-to-end IT software services using industry best practices.

Through our quality processes and project management frameworks, we help our clients strategize, integrate, manage, maintain and improve their IT to achieve COMPLETE business transformation.

Our success lies in our continued focus to help you enhance your business value as we optimize your IT from being a cost center to strategic asset.

Our services include
  • Custom Application Development.
  • Business Technology Consulting .
  • Project Management
  • Application Support & Maintenance


AbbeyST provides unique development services for any organization who have a specific requirement for a system / product development. We bring a wealth of experience and expertise that translates your ideas into reality. We can act as an extension of your internal staff and be your development team for the entire development of the application right from the requirements definition phase, seamlessly integrating in whatever capacity required.


Technology consulting services from help synchronize IT with your business to maximize business performance. The service offers the more advanced IT capabilities designed to help with the strategic endeavors within the organisations. Our consultants not only have vast industry experience in aligning practices that complement business, they are also experienced change agents who have already brought about transformation within organisations. We bring not just the best practices, but also back them with necessary experience for measurable results.


All our systems are backed with unparalleled ongoing support. We provide different custom models for the clients to chose from based on the criticality of the application and availability requirements. We can also review your existing IT systems and help you develop procedures and service level agreements (SLAs) that would ensure the required uptime of your application and ensure productivity .



In addition to social networking, one of the most successful trends today is the design and development of Interactive Applications. Applications allow the user to interact in a way that is useful, entertaining and viral in nature. The use of applications allows your target users to be more than passive viewers of information, but active participants. Applications can be developed for personal or commercial use, can be accessible through a multitude of mobile devices, and can be integrated into popular social network websites such as Facebook also.

Mobile Apps make money

Mobile Apps make money

Bigger share in all aspects of Internet:

Bigger share

Branded apps are Big

Branded apps

What can we do for you

Abbey Software Technologies Ltd. (AbbeyST) empowers organizations to take full advantage of modern mobility. We provide two things: expertise to help make the right decisions about where to invest in mobile, and the ability to deliver best-of-breed applications and mobile websites.

Our team can create an interactive application to complement your existing or new website, or as a stand-alone concept. From platform-independent applications, Android application development, iPad and iPhone application development and Blackberry applications, our expert team can bring your concept mobile and social relevance through intuitive application design.

Our Portfolio of applications include:

  • E-books and Digital Magazine framework
  • Blog and Social Network framework
  • Multimedia applications
  • Location, GPS tracking & Dispatching applications
  • Field work automation solutions
  • Mobile commerce applications

Mobile Web Sites

Unhappy with how your website views in a mobile browser? We can create a mobile version of your website to en-sure optimal viewing on a mobile browser,. Our website applications al-low viewers visiting your website on their mobile device to easily navigate and locate the information that they are seeking, with optimized formatting.

Bespoke Applications

Our team possess the technical expertise and crea-tive energy necessary to produce an app that will stand out among the apps now available in the App Store or Android market. Our designers guarantee a sleek and stylish design and our development team will bring innovation to your unique concept.

We produce apps that complement your existing systems or stand alone to fill a untapped niche and are fully functional and optimized for the tablets.

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